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                                        Corinth Miss May 23 1862

D. C. Trader

        Sir your note of 21 Ins is to hand  I did not fully understand
the contents and ask for information  - this amount you ask for - is
it for a publick contrabution or is it for my dues due the lodge  I
wish you to give me the amt due the lodge from me as you did not state
it in your notice or the amount asked for  I had a small brush with
the enemy on yesterday  I succeeded in gaining their rear and got into
their entrenchments 8 miles from hamburg and 5 behind farmington and
burned a portion of their camp at that place  they wair not looking
for me  I taken them by surprise   they run like Suns of Biches  I
captured the Rev Dr Warren from Illanois and one fine sorel stud  this
army is at this time in front of our entrinchments  I look for a fite
soon and a big one when it comes off  can't you come up and take a
hand  this fite will do to hand down to your children's children  I
feel confidant of our success

                                Yours Respct

                                N.B. FORREST

Memphis Tenn


(Translation of Forrest letter written to D. C. Trader of Memphis,
Tennessee who was the father of Kate Trader Barrow and the Grandfather
of Dodge Trader Barrow of Memphis, Tennessee.)

Courtesy of Van Hedges, Corinth, Mississippi May 2, 1996


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