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The Hugh Johnson Civil War Letters

Camp on Corinth road Miss May 7th 1862 Dearest wife I take my pencil to inform you that this leaves me in good health by the blessings of God & my prayer is that this line may find you right[.] Since I received a line from Cis Mc stating that we had a young Son & that you were Smart[.] O how glad I would be if I could embrace you in my arms & take the boy also in my arms but that canot be now So I must forego the pleasure & you must [ ???] heart & pray for my Safe return[.] [a large portion of this page is unreadable] ...& we drove them back [ ????] [this begins the reverse side] this morning there was 44 reported killed[,] wounded & missing in our regiment[.] there is 2 missing from our Co[.] they were wounded yesterday & we suppose they were taken by the enemy[.] their names were Parker & Breden[.] Nathan Smith of our Co had his heel shot off & his leg had to be cut off above the ancle[.] Masen was wounded severe & 3 or 4 of them slight[.] I was not in the action[.] I have been Detailed as Sargent of the Provost guard[.] we were in Camp with the prisinors[.] this is the 8th day I have been on duty. I wrote to you the day I was put on guard[.] this is the 5th letter I have wrote that is not answered[.] please write often to me[.] will you[?] A Crawford is back 4 1/2 miles guarding goods[.] I Saw hime 3 days ago & he is gaining[.] he is able for duty & was with me on guard 5 days with [.] we moved our Camp[.] John Mc is better & think he will be discharged in a few days & return home[.] well Cassy we see the realities of war here[.] the enemy is in force here & there will be a hard fought battle[.] the most of the Iowa troops is here[.] on our Secess here depend the fate of the Southern Condederacy[.] their troops are coming & giving themselves up [.] we Sent 62 away & have 15 now here to guard (there is 1 died of his wounds to day [)]. in our reg there was 2 yesterday killed[.] well Cassy my love to you & the children & the neighbors[.] kiss the baby for me & all the children[.] I will write soon to you again[.] Courage my love[.] Adieu[.] yours to death[.] H Johnson
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June 1, 1862 Camp before Corinth

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May 3, 1862 Camp before Corinth


HUGH JOHNSON entered the 2nd Iowa Cavalry, Company M from Andrew, Iowa. He left the family behind on the farm...his wife Catherine (Cassy) and four children. The oldest son, John, was but 12 years of age when his father went off to war. A fifth child, Hugh Elliot, was born approximately eight months after he left.. This child lived little more than a year. The constantly hoped for furlough that Hugh wished for was never granted, and he was killed on February 2, 1864, just north of West Point, MS. He was initially buried on the James Randall plantation, and later his body was transferred to the National Cemetery at Corinth.

Hugh Johnson Turnbull

Hugh Johnson letters reprinted by permission of Hugh Johnson Turnbull from electronic, transcribed copies
submitted to Milton Sandy, Jr. April 1996

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