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The Hugh Johnson Civil War Letters

[this stationery has a spread-winged eagle atop a Union crest surrounded by 'E PLURIBUS UNUM'] Camp near Boonville Miss June 29[?]th 1862 Dear wife I wish to inform you that I am in good health & I hope that this line will find you & the children well[.] I wrote to you on the 26th Care of Capt McConnel[?][.] I also gave him $30.00 for you[.] you use your judgement in using it to the best advantage[.] your letter of the 15th was received with pleasure & read[.] it was 4 weeks from I had a letter from you[.] this is the 7th I have written in this month[.] I have wrote so often that I have very little news to write[.] John Mc & A Crawford are about as usual[.] they are on the move all the time[.] John is cooking to day[.] we Came here last night[.] we are camped near the r road & the Cars are running within 1 mile of us[.] there is Some lands of rebels through here & we are to watch them[.] there is 4 regt of Cavelry & Some infantry guarding the r road about Boonville[.] there has been Some promotions in our Co[.] Mitchel Hamilton is 2nd Lieut[,] R M Smith Orderly Sargt[,] H Johnson gr master Sargt[,] which will releive him from guard duty[.] it will be quite a releif to me[.] I have been blackberrying for 3 days[.] I never Saw So many in my life as there is here[.] we have good water here & plenty to eat & plenty to do[.] there was only 3 reported Sick this morning & 3 in hosp in our Co[.] the rebels are deserting & coming home[.] I wrote to you to send me a pair of checked shirts & if you could Send 2 pair of Socks[.] I would like very much if you Can & the Capt will bring them,[.] well my love to you[.] get Some help to take care of the babe or your health will be poor[.] O I wish I was there to help you to take car of him[.] my love to John[,]Mills[,]Willy & Cis & the boy[.] well Cassy no more at present but I remain your loving husband in Miss to Death[.] God bless you all is my prayer[.] Fare well Cassy at present[.] more again[.] H Johnson
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July 23, 1862 Camp near Rienzi Miss

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June 13, 1862 Camp 5 miles south of Corinth


HUGH JOHNSON entered the 2nd Iowa Cavalry, Company M from Andrew, Iowa. He left the family behind on the farm...his wife Catherine (Cassy) and four children. The oldest son, John, was but 12 years of age when his father went off to war. A fifth child, Hugh Elliot, was born approximately eight months after he left.. This child lived little more than a year. The constantly hoped for furlough that Hugh wished for was never granted, and he was killed on February 2, 1864, just north of West Point, MS. He was initially buried on the James Randall plantation, and later his body was transferred to the National Cemetery at Corinth.

Hugh Johnson Turnbull

Hugh Johnson letters reprinted by permission of Hugh Johnson Turnbull from electronic, transcribed copies
submitted to Milton Sandy, Jr. April 1996

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