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October 3rd and 4th, 1862

Hugh Horton

Northeast Mississippi Museum Association

April 7, Shiloh

The Confederate Army, under command of Beauregard, is
defeated on the second day at Shiloh and falls
back on Corinth.

April 11, Pittsburg Landing

General Halleck arrives from St. Louis. Orders General
John Pope's army at Island No. 10 on the
Mississippi to join Buell and Grant at Pittsburg

April 15, Corinth

General Earl Van Dorn's army arrives from Arkansas,
increasing Confederate forces to 56,000--five
miles of earthworks being constructed in semi-
circle north of the town.

April 21

General Pope's Army of the Mississippi arrives at
Pittsburg Landing and forms the Federal left wing
at Hamburg; Buell's Army of the Ohio the center;
and the Army of the Tennessee, now under General
G. H. Thomas, the right wing. Halleck now has
120,000 troops to fight the entrenched
Confederates at Corinth. It was thought by many,
including Halleck, this would be the last battle
of the war.

April 30, Pittsburg Landing

Halleck begins his "siege of Corinth." Takes thirty
days to travel twenty miles.

May 29

Beauregard evacuates Corinth, retreats to Tupelo.
Federals occupy Corinth next day.

June 10, Corinth

Halleck breaks up his huge army. Buell sent East to
Chattanooga; Pope transferred to Virginia; Sherman
occupies Memphis. Next day Halleck leaves for
Washington, leaving U. S. Grant in charge.

June 27, Tupelo

Jeff Davis replaces Beauregard with Bragg. Bragg
begins transferring troops to Chattanooga by rail.
Van Dorn sent to Vicksburg, his two divisions left
at Tupelo under Sterling Price.

September 1

Bragg, now at Chattanooga, orders Price to cross the
Tennessee River to prevent Federals at Corinth
from cooperating with Buell at Nashville.

September 13

Price enters Iuka, twenty miles east of Corinth and
eight miles south of the river. Upon arrival, the
Eighth Wisconsin, commanded by Col. Murphy,
evacuated the town.

September 19, Battle of Iuka

Price, attacked by two divisions under W.S. Rosecrans
from the south and threatened by Ord's Division
from the north, retreats to Baldwin, 30 miles
south of Corinth.

September 28, Ripley

Van Dorn, having moved up from Vicksburg with Mansfield
Lovell's Division, was joined with Price's
Divisions at Ripley, thirty miles southeast of
Corinth. Styled the Army of West Tennessee, the
three divisions totaled 23,000 men of all arms,
commanded by Van Dorn.

September 29

The effort to retake Corinth begins. Van Dorn moves
north on the Pocahontas Road.

October 1

Van Dorn reaches the State Line Road, rebuilds Davis
Bridge over the Hatchie River.

October 2

Confederates take up line of march toward Corinth,
skirmish at Young's Bridge over the Tuscumbia River,
bivouacs at Chewalla, eight miles northeast of Corinth.

October 3

Confederates move out at daybreak--Lovell's Division
in front, skirmishes with Federal pickets. At 10:00
a.m. Lovell's Division is deployed south of the
Memphis and Charleston Railroad and Price's Division
on the north.

The coordinated attack drives the Federals from the old
Confederate works and by late afternoon the Union
soldiers are behind the inner defenses of the

October 4

Van Dorn's plan to resume the battle at daybreak is
delayed by the illness of one of Price's Division
Commanders. Confederates break through the Federal
lines about 10:00 a.m. and enter Corinth from the
north, fighting in the streets all the way to the
Tishomingo Hotel. At the same time the 42nd
Alabama, 35th Mississippi, and 2nd Texas Infantry
along with the 6th and 9th Texas dismounted
cavalry broke away from the main body to attack
Battery Robinett.

Battery Robinett was a three-gun redan, commanded by
Lt. Henry C. Robinett, supported by the 37th, 39th,
43rd, and 63rd Ohio and the 11th Missouri regiments.
The three separate charges on the position fail as well
as the assault on the town. By 2:30 p.m. Van Dorn is
forced to abandon the field.

Northeast Mississippi Museum Association
Corinth, Mississippi 38834
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Rev. May 4, 1990

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