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  The Weekly Corinthian, Vol. XIV #2670, Fri., Oct. 12, 1906:
  p. 1, c. 3 -

  A poem by Clyde Edwin Tuck:

                       A ROSE FROM CORINTH --

                Just a rose from the field of Corinth,
                        Where the sweet magnolias grow,
                Where the Jessamine clings to the cypress
                        And the pink oleanders blow;
                But it brings to my mind a picture
                        Of the hills with their wonderful grace
                As they bask 'neath the turquoise skies
                        Of that dear old famous place.

                Just a rose from the field of Corinth,
                        But it speaks of a day that's dead,
                When the serried hosts in battle met
                        And the streams with blood ran red,
                When the pines on the high bluffs trembled
                        To the roar of the shot and shell,
                When the bravest soldiers of this fair land
                        Rallied and charged, and fell!

                Just a rose from the field of Corinth --
                        It grew by a blasted tree
                That stood in the path of a canister,
                        And waved its proud crest free;
                It bears in its fragrant bosom
                        A message of peace and cheer --
                An emblem of love and affection
                        That shall grow from year to year.

                Just a rose from the field of Corinth,
                        But it fills my eyes with tears
                When I think of the hearts yet shadowed
                        That have wait'd for years and years
                For those who went down in battle
                        In a cause they believed was right;
                They'll answer again to the roll-call
                        On the fields by the river of light.

                Just a rose from the field of Corinth,
                        Where all is at peace once more,
                With the gentle sunshine streaming
                        The hills and the woodlands o'er;
                And it pleads for a place still broader
                        In the land that we love so well,
                But cherish the names of the heroes
                        That at Corinth fought and fell."


Added attraction:

In an age dominated by sight and sound entertainment at every turn, it is difficult to imagine times when poetry and live oratory were major sources of public entertainment.

This particular poem struck me as one that would have been particularly entertaining, not just read, but read aloud.

At my wife's suggestion and to help test this theory, I asked my friend, award winning audio tape and video producer, Frank Thomas of nearby Iuka, Mississippi, if he would give us a reading for Civil War history enthusiasts.

The results are presented below, subject to Internet constraints on delivery of the sound from Frank's first class recording. Enjoy! - Milton Sandy, Jr. April 25, 1996

A ROSE FROM CORINTH, 130k True Speech Format

A ROSE FROM CORINTH, 122k Real Audio Format

To enjoy other examples of Frank's work, visit his Thomasfilms, Inc. Homepage or reach him by Email at

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