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Corinth Mis June 14th 1867

Mr. John Dogett

Dear Sir

I avowe my self of the presant to writ you a fue lines in anser

to yours I recd some time a go and was glad to hear that you all was

well but very sorrow to hear that my children had gone a stray but I

hope that they may doo well I am much obiliged to you for writen to

mee a bout my children but if it is knot to much trobil to you plies

writ to me a gain and if you can find out any things about my

children pliess let me hear from them and let them hear from mee for I

can ashare you that it would give me a great deal of satisfaction to

hear from my children I send my best love to you all and family and

all of my old friends White & Black I am in fine health and a doin

well I am still a liven with Mr. E. Y. Calahan in Corinth and am well

pleased My wages is 10 dollars per month and fid Corinth is a good

plase the white people treat the Black well har and the Black in

general is a doin well hear we have a fine colored school Ther

taught by a white man from New Orleans I think that ther is a bout

60 or 70 students we have 2 colored churchs one methods & one

Baptist times is thought to be hard here but I think that considern

eve thing that we ar a dooun very well we have a plenty to eat &

wear and what more shoulda we want only to try to prepar to go to

heaven when we ar cald a way from this world pleas except my

thank for yore kindness to mee and pleas write a gain Send you

letter to mee at Corinth Mis to the car of Mr. E. J. Calahan. Pleas

let me know if old Ant Disren is alive or knot and if a livn wher

she is give my Brother my best wishes and Regards for i fear that

he has forgoten me I know you all xxxx as ever May god bless you

all is the prar [prayer] of one that loves you all.

Liza Layram (Lagram)


SOURCE: Doggett Family Papers (PC.1463), NC Dept. of Cultural
Resources, Division of Archives & History, 109 E. Jones St., Raleigh,
NC 27601-2807

Transcribed by Stephanie L. Sandy & Family

P. O. Box 1535, Corinth, MS 38834
October 8, 1991

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