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1929 New Standard D-25

Barnstormer Joe Kittinger's 2002 Tour

Date Event
May 31-June 1Bartlesville, OK

Please note: Barnstormer schedules are always tenuous, subject to mechanical difficulties, vagaries of weather, shortages of funds, and more promising engagements along the way. This is true today, just as it was for Roscoe Turner in the early 1920's as you can read about in our newspaper story database.

Always check before traveling long distances to attend one of these events. Barnstormers usually buzz the town to let everyone know they have arrived and always make the news wherever they travel. Watch your local media for updated information. Don't miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a ride in this unique airplane with this equally unique pilot if they are in your area. Joe Kittinger is the subject of a new Naval Institute book, The Pre-Astronauts, by Craig Ryan. See also - review.

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