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Automobiles and airplanes both developed around the turn of the century and it's always been a desire of some aviation dreamers to combine the two. One of the most successful designers to do just that was Moulton B. Taylor of Longview, Washington, who built a number of successful flying "Aerocar" flying automobiles in the late 1940's and for twenty years thereafter refined his initial design. Extremely rare today, this restored Aerocar is believed to be the only flyable example presently being flown.

This restored Aerocar is one of five Aerocars presently known to exist. Three are presently in museums- Smithsonian, EAA museum at Oshkosh, and the Boeing Museum in Seattle, WA. There is one other flyable aircraft located in Denver, CO but is not flown there due to the altitude.

Aerocar Model III
Flying car, 1949

Aerocar was developed as an attempt to create a flying automobile. The first prototype was finished in 1949. The first model to fly was Aerocar Model I which took into the air on December 13, 1956. The fuselage was stretched and the design was improved in Model III which first flew in June of 1968. The design was further improved in Model IV and several were built by Taylor and Reihe Aircraft.


Aerocar Model III and Model IV were used by a few individuals.

Data for Model III

See also:   AIR & SPACE, Smithsonian - January 1996,
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            of a roadable airplane continues." by John Grossmann,
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            Official AEROCAR Page

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