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  THE DAILY CORINTHIAN, Wed, Feb 7, 1996:
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      Volunteerism can often be a thankless task.

      There's no pay, lots of hard work and the potential for criticism-
  especially when governmental issues are involved. One local volunteer has
  received recognition for her community dedication and leadership.

      Rosemary Williams was presented with Mississippi's Community
  Volunteer Award by the Mississippi Division of Tourism. She was one of 10
  nominated for the singular honor. State tourism director Vaughn Stinson
  announced the award in Jackson Tuesday.

      "Rosemary Williams has served as the chairman of the Siege and Battle
  of Corinth Commission since 1993 after serv- ing a task force chairman in
  1991 for the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior,"
  Stinson said. "In 1995, under Mrs. Williams leadership, the com mission
  won a S1.4 million dollar ISTEA grant and a S500,000 city/ county grant
  to construct 20-plus miles of hiking and biking trails to connect the
  National Historic Landmark Civil War sites. When complete, the project
  will also offer education, a research area and museum in a
  state-of-the-art interpretive center; a quality driving tour guide and
  maps for a walking tour; period home museum tours; a railroad museum and
  many more Civil War reconstructions."

      The effort has almost been a fulltime job for Williams who has
  devoted an average of 30 hours a week to the project.

      "Her dedicated leadership has complemented the tremendous base of
  support from national, state and local groups," Stinson said.

      Williams was nominated for the honor by The Alliance. She has a well
  established record in Connth of being a leader who gets things done. This
  is not the first state-wide honor she has received. In 1990, she received
  the Human Relations Award by the Mississippi Association of Educators for
  being a founder of Horizon Inc., a local support organization for public


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