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The Museum was organized as a show place for our heritage primarily for the people of Corinth. However, it has become one of the city's major tourist attractions. Living history exhibits are featured in cooperation with local reenactment groups as well as rotating local history exhibits.

Directional signs were placed along the streets and highways during the summer. Since then the number of visitors to the Museum has increased to the point that we feel it is time to extend our hours. Beginning in March, 1991 we opened in the mornings as well as afternoons.

Although we have a contribution "pot" and a souvenir store, the major source of funding for the Museum is from memberships. Categories are as follows:

      Patron         $1,000.00     Supporting   $50.00 
      Sustaining        500.00     Family        25.00 
      Sponsoring        250.00     Individual    15.00 
      Contributing      100.00     Student        8.00 
Membership in the four top categories form a Roll of Honor which is displayed at the Museum.

We invite you to visit our facility which is located on Fourth Street at Washington. At present the Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Margaret G. Rogers

While at the museum you may visit with some of these local celebrities-

MARGARET GREENE ROGERS- Long celebrated for her story-telling of local history, you'll find her at the museum faithfully 6 days a week.

MARGARET PRICE PERKINS- A faithful museum docent, and a sparkling personality.

HUGH HORTON- A walking history book

DOUG LOCKE- Civil War Calvary enthusiast

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