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Mike McEwen


Pictorial Commemoratives, 125th Anniversary

In 1987, re-enactments of the Battles of Shiloh and Corinth were held in April and October on actual battle sites. Local photographer Mike McEwen captured scenes of these events and published wonderful photographic commemorative books for each. The realism of the re-enacters made each event a truly educational experience. At the time of the Shiloh event, the largest collection of authentic artillery pieces ever assembled were brought to this re-enactment. The number amounted to around a quarter of the total which actually took place in the battle. But in the town of Corinth, 20 miles away on a quiet Sunday afternoon, townspeople could hear the distant thunder of the guns of the re-enactment. One can only surmise what the thoughts and apprehensions were of townspeople 125 years ago before the invention of modern communications. Copies of the books are available at the Northeast Mississippi Museum in Corinth or by mail direct from (while supplies last): Images Unlimited P.O.Box 2515 Corinth, MS 38835-2515 $8.50 Each (Plus $3.00 Postage & handling within U.S.) SHILOH Pictorial Commemorative, 125th Anniversary Paper: 68 pp. CORINTH Pictorial Commemorative, 125th Anniversary Paper: 40 pp.

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